5 Steps to a More PROductive Workflow with ESCREO

I wake up and, before the coffee kicks in, I am already scrolling in my mind all the things that need to be done. The important ones, the urgent ones, and all those that go into the not-a-matter-of-life-and-death list. My cortisol levels rise and I am alert, ready to face the challenges of the day. My brain doesn’t need that coffee to function, for it is already speeding down the road of productivity lane. But I have one anyway. Call it morning routine, call it gustatory satisfaction. I have it long with milk. 

I wake up and before that coffee kicks in I have already mind-mapped the most efficient way to approach the duties of the day. Sometimes I wish I could glimpse at how the people I work with think. Do their brains function the way mine does? How do they approach productivity? I wonder because I care both about those people and about ESCREO—the company I co-founded 4 years ago.

Proactive as I am, I did something about it, rather than wonder.

Instead of fussing around Christmas gifts and resolutions’ lists, my team and I embarked on the task to create another type of agenda—one that aims to help busy professionals. It is, in fact, just a bonus to the essential—ESCREO’s new e-book “5 Steps to a More Productive Workflow”, which is a short, clear and fun guide to an optimal workflow designed for professionals with a vision.

And what is common between visionaries like Elon Musk, Arianna Huffington and Warren Buffett, besides success?

The answer is that they read, and they read a lot. Some read a book a week, others read 500 pages a day. Yet, in this fast passed business environment, how realistic is it for any manager to spend enough time and catch up with the big names in the business?

The market is saturated with books that explain how to optimize the workflow. The overwhelming choice and need for a hygienic filter of information require the most precious of all – our time. We thought about it and extracted the essence of all the information out there, by proposing 5 easy and proven steps that lead to a more productive workflow. In the new online book, you will find universal solutions and their ESCREO value-added proposition.

  1. It will inform you:

According to a study conducted by the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAVO), workplace chaos is directly linked to financial loss.”

2. It will make you smile:

Unless your employees are Buddhist monks undercover, chances are they will have a hard time to concentrate with all the noise.”

3. And it will make life easier for you:

You’ve picked up the phone and hired a trusted interior designer. You’ve chosen from a palette of colours and are all set to refurbish, but something is bothering you. You want a colourful, yet functional wall and whiteboards are out of the question. ESCREO Clear Whiteboard Paint is the solution you seek, as it preserves the original colour of the surface, while transforming it into a writing canvas.

The “5 Steps to a More Productive Workflow” eBook will reveal secrets like:

  • How prioritizing increase productivity?
  • Why is it important to remember the company’s vision and how to make the most out of it?
  • How does the office interior affect productivity?
  • How to keep that precious focus when it’s noisy?
  • What makes a tidy workspace so much more than a nice Instagram background?

Part of ESCREO’s mission is to help businesses operate more efficiently. In the dynamics of the modern business, coordinating a team and keeping up the fire of productivity is a challenge. Intelligent leaders know to to make the most out of all the tools that help communication flow. ESCREO offers such tools. Much more than that, we are committed to exploring the heart of the problem, so we could provide holistic solutions.

We live in a society ruled by an unwritten law: one is more, when one does more; the busier one is, the more important and successful.” Yet, to what extent is more synonymous with productivity and a prerequisite for success? Are we busy with being busy (mostly with insignificant tasks), or are we engaged in productive activities?

The alarm rings. It’s Monday… or Thursday. It doesn’t matter. Maybe, you need a coffee first. Take your time and prepare, before you embark on the mission to lead your business.

Where to?

The direction is success, of course, but how do you accelerate your business there?

Start by downloading the new ESCREO eBook “5 Steps to a More Productive Workflow”.


Author: Elena Nikolova | ESCREO
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Need more time? Here you are! How to optimize all 24 hours a day

The summer is over and the vacation now lives in the past. So welcome the season of full to-do lists, delayed tasks and so much more responsibilities at work, school and home. Do you have enough time to do everything you want to? Do you feel being busy all day without satisfying results? And why there are people able to fit so much more into the same time-space?

This 5-minute read will give some proven tips on how to manage your time and to feel content at the end of the day.


Rule Number 1: Prioritize Goals

Setting goals will help you determine how much time should be focused on a specific task. Setting unrealistic goals will lead to demotivation. Therefore, it’s crucial to set realistic and achievable goals. Set goals that are clear, particular and measurable. They should matter to you and also align with bigger overall goals in the long run. Moreover, remember to set deadlines too. This will help you to focus on the important tasks and not let you be overwhelmed by urgent everyday tasks.


Rule Number 2: Say No

Learn to say No and don’t take decisions on the rush. Choose wisely which task or meeting is really important and useful for you. When you say Yes to something you don’t like, you say No to yourself, to a better offer, to your time, to your dream achievement. So take conscious decisions and learn to control your impulses and actions.

Socrates said, “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” Use the 80/20 rule to your advantage. The rule says that 20% of the causes gives 80% of the effects. So always spend your attention on the top 20% things which give the most profits.


Rule Number 3: Recharge

Start every morning taking time only for you – 5 to 10 min exercise, a cup of coffee, a walk with the dog. Try to be alone without distractions and you will feel that you have time. Sleep is also a very important part of our life. Our mind needs time to restart and to recover its full capacity. Different people need different sleep time so know what is your optimal one for physical or mental recovery. And remember to take regular breaks so your mind gets clear and it will reward you with more focus, efficiency, and productivity.


Rule Number 4: Be Smart

Don’t be afraid to use technologies, if you use them properly they really save time. You can write an email for 30 seconds instead make a phone call for 5 minutes. It saves you time and energy. Online bank accounting, online hotel booking, online shopping, car navigation… there are so many web applications for time-saving. But only if you are smart. Because there’s always a risk to get consumed by modern technology, to get addicted and distracted. So turn off your phone to stay focused when you need to, stop checking e-mail every 2 minutes and keep yourself away from drowning into the social media.


Rule Number 5: Manage Your Energy

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. So avoid draining your energy at the start. The most successful people are those who seem to be having an unlimited supply of energy the whole day. And in spite of a heavy work schedule, they yet manage to have a social and personal life also. Time management saves a small amount of time, but energy management gives you much bigger results. Here are some tips about how to spend quality time and have more emotional, motivational, physical and intellectual energy:

  • Monitor your high energy times, understand when you are more productive and use these hours to work.
  • Schedule time for the activities you love like football, reading, dancing, cinema. Your favorite activities energize you and make you feel refreshed and full of energy.
  • Reward yourself for every step. “Can I have your attention for 5 minutes only? – said the Motivation”. And it’s true, we need to keep up motivation regularly. When you are working on a big project it is easy to lose motivation. So break the big project down into mini-projects and celebrate achievements on every step.

Sometimes the problem is not that we don’t have time, but that we are wasting it for things that are not important and don’t give us anything – on pointless social channels, empty talks, and even too much thinking without the result. Here is an inspiring TED talk “How to multiply your time” by Rory Vaden with very useful advises how to create more time in the future.

It sounds like science fiction, but it really works, and it’s very simple. Just give yourself emotional permission to spend time on things today that will give you more time tomorrow. So follow the steps and enjoy a life with more space and freedom.



Author: Lalka Nikolova