Members of the Bulgarian National High School of Arts Successfully Completed our SketchUp Essential Class

One of the best things a professionalist can do is to never settle and constantly upgrade his knowledge. That is why we are so proud of our latest attendees – the teachers from the National High School of Arts in Sofia. 

Especially for their needs our SketchUp trainer Teodor Rachev created a beginner class that covers key topics and features of the software.

We received great feedback from the teachers in our group and here are some of the insights to share with you:

Thanks to Teodor Rachev for the well done SketchUp course”

– Galya Gelova, Teacher

I would strengthen and improve my SketchUp skills. The program clearly offers ample opportunities that the duration of the course could not fully cover. SketchUp is intriguing software and I would definitely upgrade my skills to master my job at a more professional level. Thanks to the teacher for his erudition and patience. I would love the opportunity to continue the course!

– Desislava Vrabcharska, Spatial Design Teacher

Such courses are a great way to expand and improve the skills of the teachers.

– Irma Vodeva, teacher of toys and drawing

Thank you again, dear students! You were just great. And welcome again. 

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About National High School of Arts:

The St. Luca National High School of Arts – Sofia was established as a Crafts School in 1953. After that, it was transformed into a School of Arts. In 1975 it became Secondary Specialized School of Applied Arts, and in 2009 – St. Luca National High School of Applied Arts – Sofia. The school trains students in eight majors: Art Fabric, Advertising Graphic, Spatial Design, Silicate Design, Toys, Art Carving, Metal Metal Art and Fashion Design. Here pupils study drawing, painting, sculpture, art history, computer graphics. More

About our Training Center:

Creative Industries Academy is the official training and certification center of Chaos Group for V-Ray in Bulgaria. We have prepared a great variety of classes that can fit every professional level. Our trainers are experienced architecture professionals that can easily mentor your work during each course. We share knowledge and expertise proven in real practice. Access the best teaching practices. See the yearly training schedule here

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